Do We Get To See The Evidence Before Taking It To Court?



My daughter has been issued with a fixed penalty notice for doing 68mph in a 50mph area. A police car pulled her over and showed her a device which just had 68mph on it and said she was speeding, she was intimidated and just signed the notice. She said there was not a speed trap as they were in a car.

I thought if they were in a vehicle they would record your speed on video rather than by hand held device but there is no area on notice to request this. She does not want to go to court so is there any way of requesting the evidence without going to court.

Louise Says:

I’m afraid not. You have to take the case to court to get to see the full evidence. In fact you have to sometimes go further than that and actually plead not guilty before you get to see the evidence.

The fixed penalty system is designed to be fast and cheap. You either accept the offer and get it over with or you take the matter to court because you do not accept you committed the offence and you then run the risk of higher costs and fines if you lose.

Is your daughter a new driver? Has she got any penalty points already? If so, how many?

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