Getting Penalty Points Off My Licence


Yes, its me again! Hope you’re well? As you may remember I admitted to a speeding offence this year for speed of 98 on the M4. I was given 4 SP50 points and fined £280. I still to this day dispute the speed and think the reading wasn’t correct etc. although I was definitely driving the car.

Do you think its really worth re-opening that case (if possible) to help get the conviction and penalty points removed etc. or do you think due to accuracy of the LTi 20/20 laser guns its not worth contesting again. Would police still hold images etc. from back then?

Any advice would be handy, as I would rather not have those points on my licence.

As always your help and advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Louise Says:

Good to hear from you.

If you pleaded guilty then you wont be able to appeal the conviction or the penalty points on your licence. The most you can do is appeal the sentence and you won’t get leave to do that out of time unless the reason for the delay is compelling.

You would need to cast a doubt on the police evidence and that wont be easy I’m afraid unless you can show that the officer did not use the device in accordance with the relevant codes of practice and the manufacturers manual..

Has anything else come along that’s worrying you?

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