Hiding In Bushes Again!


I was under the understanding that a police officer on a motorbike / car could not hide with a speed gun, that they had to be visible?

I got pulled over this morning when a police officer walked out from behind bush and put his hand up to stop me. I didn’t check his credentials and there was a two people filming. He issued me on the spot fine and six points. I was going 55 in a 40. I simply wasn’t paying attention so I know I was in the wrong, road was clear so I wasn’t being a danger.

I thought they could not hide behind bushes? So would that make it invalid?

Many thanks

Louise says:

They can hide if they want to.

There are guidelines that they should be visible but it is not a legal requirement I’m afraid and won’t afford you a defence to the speeding allegation.

He cannot give you a fixed penalty that carries 6 points unless it was for driving without insurance. The maximum fixed penalty for speeding is 3 points and a £60 fine.

Are you sure you have got that right?

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