Two Speeding Offences One Hour Apart!


I was caught speeding twice in one night. Firstly by the police on the M4 going through a 50mph roadwork’s area at 70mph. Then by a camera further on an hour later going through a 50mph roadwork’s zone again and I was speeding at 63 mph.

I have accepted the fine and points by the police although I don’t know what will happen now that the camera has caught me as well. Will I get a court summons or banned?

Louise Says:

Were you traveling in the same direction throughout the two incidents?

You maybe able to argue that it is one continuous offence rather than two and therefore get 3 points rather than 6. I have successfully argued this where the two offences were half an hour apart.

Are you a new driver? Have you got any points already? If you are a new driver and you have accepted the fixed penalties then your licence will be revoked automatically by the DVLA I’m afraid and you will have to do a full retest.

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