Green Arrow


I committed the offence but there are mitigating circumstances involved.

1. I am not familiar with the area in question and was following my SAT/Nav.

2. There were 2 other cars ahead of me committing the same offence but I was the only one stopped.

3. 2 other cars who later committed the same offence were not stopped.

The Police told me that it was “SODS LAW” that I was stopped and that the others were not. And that they were having trouble with this turn for months.

They also told me that I would receive 6 points on my licence. My licence has been clean for the last 13 years ad I have never committed any traffic offences before.

I am due before the magistrates on x and would ask if I should plead not guilty or accept the penalty, which would probably be a fine and 6 points. This will effect my employment and my future status as a disabled driver.

Graham Says:

It’s only 3 points for failing to comply with a traffic sign. The officers have mis-advised you on that front.

I’m afraid lack of knowledge of the road in question will not amount to a defence, neither will the fact that no one else was stopped.

You have to plead guilty if you accept that you failed to comply with the green arrow, otherwise you risk higher fines and court costs.

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