High new Speeder And I Have Already Had A Totting Ban


I was caught speeding at 50mph in a 30mph area.

There were no excuses for doing so and it was definitely me.


I had a TT99 totting ban in x following an accumulation of points for speeding, which I served.

I got 3 points in March x which have now lapsed.

I got a further 3 points in April x, so they have 1 year remaining.

I cannot do without my car for work use as I run a small business with a total of 9 staff and I need to get to see customers over the UK


I would rather not receive any further points and go on a course to help understanding on my part, is this possible or likely?

If I am to receive points what is the maximum they could give me, I note it could be anywhere from 3 – 6, is that right?

Is there anyway they could ban me for totting, and is this likely?

Should I plead guilty through the post or actually attend the Summons?

Graham Says:

Thank you for your question. All understood.

I appreciate your concerns in relation to amassing any further points or the risk of a ban.

The speed for the new offence is at the very top end of the second bracket of the magistrates sentencing powers. Therefore if convicted you are at risk of 6 points or a discretionary ban of up to 28 days.

The speed awareness course is only available for the lower speeds and will not be offered on this occasion because the speed alleged is far too high. You will get a summons to court. If they offer a fixed penalty – unlikely – you should take it.

The court will require you to attend because the speed is too high and there is a real risk of a ban.

Send me the paperwork and I will be happy to help you with this matter.

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