Totting Up Ban – 10 Points


Hi, I have 10 points on my licence, all for speeding (I got 4 as they did not receive my fine paid and I had to go to court, I did pay it though….but that’s the reason I ended up getting 4 instead of 3).

I now have another 3 points pending for being on my mobile , I wasn’t on my mobile I just had it in my hand. I have until the 24th of march to pay this, if I pay it I will be faced with a ban…can you give me advice on what I should do.

Do I wait till they ask me to go to court, or do I pay the fine. If I call and pay the fine but don’t send my licence in will the DVLA automatically send me a letter to send back my licence?

What’s the best thing to do? I really need my car to go to work and college even thought they are only half an hour away its a real inconvenience….really need help. Thanks.

Graham Says:

Have they offered a fixed penalty? I assume that the officer didn’t check your driving record when he stopped you. He shouldn’t have offered it because you cannot accept it. You have to go to court if you have 10 points already.

You are facing a 6 month totting ban unless you can defend this matter. You have a good defence if you can show that you were not using your phone whilst driving, Especially if you can back this up with your phone records.

I defend over 96% of the cases that I take on and get just over 80% withdrawn without trial. If we win you get your reasonable legal costs back.

I help almost 90% of my clients avoid totting bans so all in all you have a good chance of saving your licence.

Would you like my help with this matter?

Come back to me if I can assist further and I will do a free advice call with you.

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