I Want My Driving Licence Back


Failing to Report, Fail to Stop

I have paid for all the conviction fines for the above offences. I have served a 2 year ban, which has now finished.

I have been directed by the DVLA to fill in a form and send a fee to acquire my licence back.

My first thought was that I have already paid for my licence and that I should not have to repay. They have responded in saying that they need to reprint the card with the offences printed on. I strongly disagree that I should have to pay the DVLA a fee when I have already fully paid the fines occurred for my convictions. This information was not clear to me at the time.

I am wondering where someone would legally in my position if they were to drive again. They have no active ban but have passed their licence.

Does a person HAVE to have a card or paper licece in their possession. I am sure you would agree that a person could easily lose their licence in the morning and be pulled over for an incident or a routine check later in the day. What would happen to this person?

It was made very clear to me that I could not drive until my ban was over. Even if I applied for my licence before the ban ended. It was not made clear if I could drive once the ban was over, even without a piece of paper to say that I have passed and hold a full UK driving licence.

My girlfriend recently moved house and had to have her driving licence re-printed with the new address on for less then £30. The DVLA over the phone have asked for £65. I have this phone conversation recorded. Are the DVLA right to do this?

Any help or clarification in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Paula Says:

It would be an offence of driving not in accordance with your licence – on the basis that you are not banned but your licence has not been reissued to you yet.

This is the case as long as you were not ordered to pass a retest at the end of your ban.

This is a non endorsable offence but carries a fine and would irritate the court I’m afraid.

The DVLA have set rates and I am sure that they are asking for the correct rate on this occasion. They will be working based on delegated legislation and you won’t get anywhere fighting it and would probably end up paying more in court fines.

Sorry but it is probably not worth the fight and it will fall on deaf ears.

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