Partner Accused Of Failing To Name Driver And Leaving The Scene Of Accident


My partner x was arrested this morning x on the above offences. Basically four weeks ago we took the dog for a walk at x pm. We arrived back in the village and because it was late we decided to stop of for a drink at a pub approx. half a mile from home leave the car and walk home.

We sat outside all evening, the keys were in a jacket on the chair next to us. From then on it is a bit of a blur.

A work mate walked me home and because I was so drunk it took him 2 hours to get me home. I woke up in bed in the morning with Tessa next to me and dog at end of bed. Thought nothing of it then later that day the police knocked on the door x got up and answered.

Asked if anything was missing then said they had found our car about mile and a half away going out the village crashed into a hedge and fence. Obviously asked us where we were the night before x said she didn’t remember a thing apart from going to the pub and gave a statement to that affect.

The police said they found some hair and footprints at scene and may come back at later date to take samples of us. I gave them the number of the last person I remember seeing and they went and interview him and that’s how I found out how I got home.

The police said the car was a complete write off. x said in all honesty that she doesn’t remember a thing and woke up in the morning and saw myself and the dog in bed as normal. The police were hinting that all the evidence points to x taking the car and as good as accused her.

x does not know what to do with regards to admitting to something she can’t remember doing or being charged with the more serious charges of above.

Being a social worker it is vital that she keeps her licence and has no criminal convictions. We don’t know what to do from here and would really appreciate any advice you could give.

Dominic says:

This is obviously very serious and you need to take it seriously because it could lead to imprisonment if the court take the view that x is attempting to do that.

Is x simply being asked to name the driver at this stage? Has she been interviewed formally by the police at the police station?

If she admits being the driver she will be at risk of 5-10 penalty points for failing to stop and report an accident.

She will also get a fine or imprisonment.

Has she got any penalty points on her licence already? If so, how many?

Tell me more about what happened and what stage you are at. Get x to call me if she would like my help with this matter.

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