I Want To See The Evidence!


I have received a speeding fine notice of 83 in a 60 limit. I requested evidence that I was speeding & received 2 photo’s that don’t show anything relating to my speed. I filled out the form saying it was me driving but sent this back with a letter asking for evidence of the alleged speed.

This letter was ignored & I’ve received a fixed penalty notice. I’ve called the authority who say if I want evidence of the speed I was doing I’ll have to go to court.

This seems a bit unfair as I’m sure I wasn’t traveling at 83mph but could have been 65-70 maybe. Can they really just refuse to provide me with this evidence? It seems really unfair, is there anything I can do to force them to provide this without having to go to court?

Louise Says:

I’m afraid not. You don’t get to see the evidence until you opt for a court hearing. The fixed penalty system is designed to be fast and cheap.

If you take the matter to court and lose you will get higher fines and court costs so its a gamble. You don’t have to take the ticket but you have to reject it to get to see their evidence.

If it wasn’t this way the police would spend all day everyday sending out evidence to people accused of minor speeding matters. The fixed penalty system was introduce as an incentive to get it over and done with.

If you accept you were speeding you should take the ticket. If you admit any form of speeding at court you will get convicted and you will get at least 3 points – even if you convince the court that you were not going as fast as alleged.

So inreality you have nothing to gain by taking it to court if you accept you were speeding and lots to lose.

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