Speeding Video Evidence


Hi I was pulled over by a traffic police office in Surrey. His machine claimed I was traveling at 45MPH. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t, I understand that you cannot see the evidence till you get to court but do the hand held devices have video evidence??

All he showed me was a number on the machine, the officer couldn’t even spell grey or tell what colour my car was. Can the machine be wrong even if calibrated correctly?

I don’t know what evidence they have apart from the machine reading which could be wrong or could have been a reading from before for all I know. What makes it worse is I can’t find my licence counterpart!!

Louise Says:

Most of the hand held cameras are attached to DVD recorders or cameras for video evidence – but not always. Sometimes they rely on the officer simply reading the readout from the device and writing up a statement regarding the vehicle involved.

There are many things that can go wrong with the device. The officer has to use the device in accordance with the handbook and the ACPO guidelines otherwise we can argue that the results are potentially unreliable.

They will often show you the evidence at this stage unless you were actually stopped at the time.

They will generally show you the evidence if you need to see it for identification purposes.

You wont be able to take the fixed penalty if you cannot find your counterpart. Have you got any points already? If so, how many?

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