No Insurance – Business Purposes


I’m driving a car which have insurance under my name but I have got a business and I don’t use my car for business purpose but one day my delivery driver broken down and I had to deliver the food to my customer because its getting late, so I go for it and police caught me.

I told them the situation but they charged me and now I have to go to court and if I got 6 points I have to lose my licence because I recently passed my driving is there any chance not to get points I’m wiling to pay more fine but no points because I have business and its away from my home.

If I lose the licence I have to lose my business as well.

Paula Says:

Good to speak to you. I think you have good prospects of avoiding revocation in this matter. I will be happy to assist further. I help almost 90% of my new driver clients avoid revocation.

I suggest a special reasons argument and if this fails we will try and persuade the court to give you a short discretionary ban instead of the points.

Come back to me if I can assist further.

I charge a fixed fee to help make the application in full in writing with an additional fee to send an advocate to court with you to make the application. ( see our fees here )

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