Misled Into Thinking I Was Insured


I have a comprehensive insurance with swift cover. I have been told it allowed me to drive other car also its advising on their advertise. I was honestly believing and when I stop swift cover told me my occupation is student for that I am excluded to drive 2nd car under my comprehensive insurance.

As a matter of fact they mislead me also when I change my car on 2008 in the month of October they did not put my current occupation. I am not a student but they put my occupation as a student and exclude me from driving 2nd car. I did not have any idea about that.

Dominic says:

We may be able to get this matter withdrawn for you. Have you got a court summons or a fixed penalty ticket?

You have a very good special reasons argument based on the fact that you were driving under the genuine misapprehension that you were insured and covered at the time of the alleged offence and you were misled into thinking that you were covered.

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