Insurance Cancelled Retrospectively


The police stopped me and found out my licence had been revoked for failing to send it in for points to be added.

They then suggested that my insurance for the car was invalidated due to the problem with my licence. They have charged me to court with driving with no licence and driving without insurance!

Paula Says:

I’m afraid the police are wrong on the insurance issue. The insurance company can only cancel insurance going forward. So if the police call them and tell them there is a problem with your licence they can cancel your insurance from that moment – but not retrospectively…. Retrospectively there was a valid policy in place.. Even if you fibbed when you took it out…Which I’m sure you didn’t.

The licence offence does not carry points if you have an entitlement to drive because you have passed a test. This is an administrative revocation/suspension of your licence, rather than your entitlement being removed altogether…..Just a fine and court costs.

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