Police Trying To Stitch Me Up!


I got caught about 3 months ago when I had only a provisional licence. I did have my car insured with Quinn for provisional drivers but because I didn’t have a qualified driver in the car with me at the time and no L plates on show the police are trying to stitch me up.

I only recently past my test and got a summons to court for the offence. What do you reckon will happen over this now?

Paula Says:

Why do you think the police are trying to “stitch you up”?

If you only had a provisional licence and you were driving without l plates or supervision then it’s highly unlikely that your insurance company would have honoured your insurance policy. Therefore if you had had an accident you would have been personally liable for any damage injuries.

I’m afraid you are going to get 6-8 points but if you have now passed your test you won’t be revoked because the offence happened before you passed – therefore not during your probationary period.

Come back to me if you would like my help with your mitigation at court.

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