Insurance Cancelled – I Wasn’t Told


I paid in advance for one year’s insurance, which would run out in June 2010. When stopped, the police said I was not insured. On phoning the AA, they told me my insurance was cancelled at the end of Jan and that a letter was sent recorded delivery telling me this.

They said it was at my request this happened although I have not cancelled my insurance.

I never received the letter telling me this and I know this for a fact as I was away from home during that period so could not have signed anything.

I want my insurance to be reinstated from the point it was stopped as in 2 weeks time I have to go to court and prove I had insurance when stopped by the police. Do I have a case to get my insurance reinstated and backdated?

Paula Says:

If your insurance was cancelled then the insurance company are not allowed to back date it. If they will write a letter confirming it was their mistake then you may be able to avoid the points and a hefty fine at court.

Have you been warned that you are going to be summonsed to court? Have you got any points already? Tell me more.

You will have a strong special reasons argument to avoid the points if you can get to the bottom of why it was cancelled. Was it to do with no claims bonus issues?

Tell me more Lisa and I will be able to help further.

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