I Should Have Made A Special Reasons Argument


I have been convicted of driving without insurance and received 6 points and £100.00 fine. I had comprehensive cover on my van and the policy did not show that I could not drive another vehicle with the owner’s consent (which I had).

However, after the event I found the restriction was shown on the back page of the broker’s letter to me. Would I be able to appeal against the points, as I am unable to get new cover with an IN10. Many thanks,

Paula Says:

The fine was very low so the court must have had some sympathy. Did you plead not guilty?

You should have pleaded guilty and made a special reasons argument. I think you had reasonably good prospects of succeeding based on what you have said.

Would you like to try and appeal the case to the crown court and argue special reasons? Alternatively we can try and get the magistrates to reopen the case so that we can argue special reasons in front of them. We may be able to get rid of these 6 points for you?

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