Insurance Company Told Me I Was Covered Third Party


I have been advised to email you with my question.

I had to re new my car insurance about 3 months ago and when I received the paperwork through I looked through it to find out if I could drive other cars and be covered third party. I couldn’t find anything other than some small print saying no driver named on the policy is covered to drive other vehicles.

I assumed that meant named drivers as I have a name driver on my policy as I was unsure I rung my insurance company and just said; I have a quick question am I insured to drive other cars, gave them my date of birth (I’m 21 by the way) and the man I spoke to said yes that should be fine I double checked and said are you sure he replied yes.

So from then on I assumed I would be covered in the event I drove another car. Then early Sunday morning I drove my friends car about a mile as he was too tired to drive and I stopped in a car park.

Then the Police came into the car park and asked if I had drove the car I said yes and they found out I’m not actually insured on other vehicles. They were going to give me a producer but then found out I was who I said I was and was insured on my own vehicle and said there’s no need to give me a producer but there was a police woman there and she said I would get 6 points for this.

But I didn’t get any form of paper work to say I had been stopped so I’m just wondering if they have to give me some sort of paper work for me to get prosecuted for this or whether they have given me the benefit of the doubt as I was unaware I was not covered?

The police officer didn’t make it clear what was actually going to happen, they took all my details address contact number and where I had been that night etc.

I have also been in contact with my insurance company and said unless I can tell them the exact time and date I called them they cannot prove I was wrongly advised and as I make hundred of phone calls a day at work it will be nearly  impossible to remember when I made the call.

Sorry for such a detailed question I was told to give as much details as possible to stop any confusion.

Paula Says:

You have a special reasons argument to avoid the points. This will be on the basis that you were misled into thinking that you were insured. We have won cases in identical circumstances to yours.

You will get 6-8 penalty points for this matter unless you are prepared to put up a fight.

The police will issue a summons within 6 months – normally 6-8 weeks and this will be sent to the address that you gave when stopped.

Have you got any penalty points already? If so, how many?

Tell me more and I will be happy to assist further. If you want my help making the argument I would charge a fixed fee (see our prices here) and this includes your representation at court. I maybe able to persuade the CPS to drop the case on the basis that there was no criminality on your part – but I cannot guarantee that outcome.

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