Boyfriends Mother Paying For Insurance


Without insurance

Driving boyfriends car on L plates, documents with insurance of me seen, pull up by police insurance cancelled. I knew nothing as my boyfriend also new nothing he says, payment was not made from mothers account of boyfriend has direct debit they cancelled but received no notice?

Summonsed to court 29th November how do I plead? I was not informed by insurance neither was my boyfriend. Fathers mobile………………….  I am 18?

Paula Says:

You have a special reasons argument to avoid the points if you can show that you were driving under the genuine and reasonable misapprehension that you were insured.

I’m assuming that you were insured on your boyfriends insurance policy and that it was being paid for by direct debit out of his mother’s account.

Is that right?

Come back to me if you would like to be represented at court. If I have understood you correctly you have a good chance. You don’t want to start your driving career with 6 points on your licence. We have a very good success rate with these arguments.

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