New Driver – No Insurance – Emergency


Driving without insurance, driving on a provisional without L plates and unaccompanied. Driving without headlights on.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have been charged with the above three offences. My mitigating circumstances are that firstly I took my brother-in-law’s vehicle in an emergency as my son was having a massive nosebleed and I was going to the chemist. My own car was gone for repairs.

Secondly, I believed that I was insured as the online policy clearly stated I was (able to provide copy) but later on (after I was charged) I found out I wasn’t and the insurance company had made an error.

I was the additional driver and hence I did not have the Certificate of Insurance but relied on the details given online about cover. As I was going in a state of panic I went on my own, my wife who usually accompanies me could not go as she was taking care of our son. I also forgot to put the headlights on the way back.

My hearing is on x, this is my very first offence, I have been driving for over a year and have always abided the law. I am very nervous and fear that my provisional licence may get revoked for this no insurance offence. I have my driving test 1 week after the hearing.

Your advice will be greatly appreciated.

Paula Says:

You have a potential special reasons argument to avoid the points.

This no insurance offence carries 6-8 penalty points. If you are convicted and you get the points you will have your licence revoked.

The magistrates have no discretion if they impose the points and it will be revoked by the DVLA.

Come back to me if you would like my help.

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