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I need help!

In august of x i was sentenced for failing to produce a specimen of breath.

(At the time my licence showed spent endorsements convicted on 01/10/x for failing to provide driver details (ms90) and speeding (sp30) totaling 6 points.) The court took in to account my mitigating circumstances and did not ban me but endorsed my licence with 6 points, to my relief.

However I had on the day handed my licence to my solicitor expecting the ban. As this did not occur I had assumed that my licence would be returned to me with these 6 points & the spent ones removed. This has not happened.

I have spoken to my solicitor who thinks he gave it to the court. I have spoken to the DVLA & here is the real problem!! They refuse to give me any info via internet or over the phone but did go as far as to tell me that they have no information on me from x?

The lady went as far to help as she could by advising me that this was a payment issue with regard to owed fees. (I assume this is the x offences.) However I did pay these fees as they sent me my licence back then as it should have been.

She suggested that my licence may have been revoked in x! And that I should apply for a lost licence along with the fee which I intend to do.

However I have since split from my partner & am living at a different address. Then just recently she called me to inform me that I had had a letter from the court convicting me of driving with no insurance in summer x? She threw the letter away!!! This was NOT me!!! What do I do???

Paula Says:

You need to call the court and find out if you have been convicted of any offence without your knowledge. If so you will have to apply to have the case reopened. If you know nothing about this matter then someone may have used your details when stopped?

If you got 6 points in August x and you have had another set of 6 for the insurance matter then you may have a warrant out for your arrest because the court will have been considering banning you and they will rarely do this in your absence.

You will be at risk of a totting ban for 6 months.

Now I can sort all of this out for you and hopefully help you avoid a totting matter but I charge private fees for my services.

Come back to me if you would like a free chat with a view to me acting on your behalf.

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