Police Going To Scrap Our Car


Driving with no insurance

My husband was stopped by the police and had his car impounded for no insurance we have tried to get the car back but the police won’t stamp the certificate to retrieve the because there is a clause on most insurance policies that you cannot retrieve a car that has been impounded by government body.

We have tried countless people to get the car back on there policies but to no avail is there any way we can retrieve the car back we only have a few days left otherwise the car will be sent for scrap.

Paula Says:

Sorry, but the only suggestion is that he takes out insurance with a different company that does not have that conditional attached.

What went wrong with the insurance? Why wasn’t he covered in the first place? Has he taken the fixed penalty offer or is he getting a court summons? Has he got any penalty points on his licence already? If so, how many?


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