No Insurance Damages Claim


I just got a car and I went to a meeting I parked and was in the meeting I had to go because of my kids. There was a car double parked behind the car next to me and I did not see it and I clipped it I had not got insurance yet.

Should I have to pay her insurance company back. Can they send that to a bill collector and will it affect my credit if I don’t pay. I don’t feel I was wrong. They have my bank account number what do I do???

Paula Says:

You need to speak to a civil litigation lawyer about your liability for damages. If you don’t meet the bill they will bring proceedings against you in the county court and you could be held personably liable.

You need to inform the motor insurance bureau if you didn’t have cover. You will also probably be reported to the police for driving without insurance. You will then get 6 points and a hefty fine as well I’m afraid.

Are you a new driver? Do you have any points already?

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