Thought I Was Fully Comprehensive


I moved my girlfriends car for her in a car park. And another driver went into the side of my girlfriends car and then crashed in to another car. The police were called and I believed I was covered as I am fully comprehensive. It turned out my policy didn’t cover me as I’m not 25 so I had 6 points and a £200 fine.

When I phoned my insurance they have told me that they will cover my girlfriends car 3rd party would it be possible to get the points taken back and the fine.

The insurance company told me over the phone that I’m not insured to drive other peoples cars 3rd party as I am not yet 25 but also said they would cover my girlfriends car 3rd party if proven it wasn’t my fault but if proven its my fault they will take care of the repair of the other cars involved.

Please help thanx

Paula Says:

If you only moved the vehicle a very short distance you may be able to avoid the points on the basis of a special reasons argument. We have won similar arguments and you have a reasonable prospects of success. You need to reject the ticket and the 6 points and ask for a court hearing. If you have already paid the ticket and taken the points it is too late to do this I’m afraid.

You may also be able to argue special reasons to avoid the points if you were driving under the genuine misapprehension that you were covered by your insurance.

Again I have won a number of similar cases where young people have had comprehensive insurance and have not realised it doesn’t cover them to drive a vehicle owned by another person. Again you have a good chance of avoiding the points. Again its too late if you have taken the ticket.

If you want my help with this matter and its not too late then please come back to me and I will be happy to assist further.

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