Insurance Fraud


I was stopped by the police and asked for my insurance certificate. Although I produced a valid certificate to the officer who stopped me, she insisted that she had called my insurance company who had claimed that I have cancelled my insurance. My certificate was retained by the police and my car was seized by them as well.

The next day I went to the police station at which time the police realized that I had a valid insurance certificate. However, it cost me £150.00 to get my car back. Since I was not at fault initially, I asked the police to pay me back my £150.00.

As a result of my request, the police stated that I did not disclose to the insurance company at the time of renewal that I had a conviction in 2008. To this I replied that the question asked as I applied for the certificate online was ‘For the past 5 years have you had a conviction that is pending?

I said ‘NO’ because in honesty I did not understand that the offence in 2008 was for which I had been penalized was a pending conviction. Following this enquiry by the police, my insurance company cancelled my contract with them.

My insurance company has not brought any case against me but the police have called me in and charged me for fraud. I have been issued with a court summons on ** May x.

I obtained another insurance certificate to enable me use my vehicle. However, since that time the police have stopped me once and come to my house once with two police cars arousing great concern in my neighbourhood. Where do I stand?

Paula Says:

That’s harsh and you will have a defence if you answered the questions on the form honestly and correctly.

If the form said pending then pending means something that’s hanging over you and has not been resolved. Have you got the application form so you can show the court what it said.

You should be able to get legal aid to deal with this matter at court.

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