Direct Debit Failed


My wife was driving and a young driver crashed into the side of our whilst making a right turn, other driver admitted he was at fault, we have a witness (with contact number), our insurance company stopped our insurance as we defaulted in two monthly direct debit payments, which we did not know about.

Other drivers insurance company now says its our fault and wants damages and want our insurance company details, the cars position shows that they are to blame, but we can’t afford to defend ourselves unless we can get legal aid.

Also can’t afford to pay their damages either, think its terrible that it’s their fault and we seem to have no way to defend ourselves.

Paula Says:

The collision may well have been there fault but the police will still summons your wife for driving without insurance if the other party tells them.

You will have to explain that you didn’t have insurance and notify the motor insurance bureau. They will deal with any claim for you.

Your wife will be at risk of 6-8 points on her licence. Did she realise that she was not insured at the time? If not then she maybe able to avoid the points.

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