Insurance Company Accept It Wasn’t My Fault


I have been issued with a court summons re the above, I wasn’t aware this was going to court. I am so scared now, however I am in the process of receiving an indemnity from my insurance company to say I was covered at the time (their computer system messed up my insurance renewal).

Do I go to court and produce this evidence or do I go directly to the police with this evidence? Can a court summons be cancelled once issued?

I would appreciate urgent help as court date is 20th May x

Many Thanks

Paula Says:

You have a very strong special reasons argument to avoid the points.

You are at risk of 6-8 points for this offence. We maybe able to persuade the CPS to withdraw the proceedings on the basis that there was no criminality on your part.

I think we have good prospects in that respect. If we succeed you will be entitled to a defendant’s costs order which will reimburse your reasonable legal expenses. At the moment when we defend cases we get just over 83% withdrawn at this stage.

If this doesn’t work then we have a very good chance of arguing special reasons to avoid the points on the basis that you were driving under the genuine misapprehension that you were insured.

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