No Insurance – Special Reasons


I am just emailing for some advice. I was test driving a friend’s car and was covered under his trader’s policy. I was pulled over and given a producer. My friend then went out of the country for 2 months so I was late producing.

When I went to the station to produce they filled in the hort/2 form and everything was fine. I have now received a court summons and I am unsure why. Also does it matter that the car wasn’t actually registered to my friend as he has just decided to tell me this. Is it just a case of taking the hort/2 to court or will I be accused of driving without insurance.

If so, I have only been driving a year, is there any way I could avoid the 6 points. I have never offended before and would lose my job without my car.

Paula Says:

You may have a defence if we can show the court that you were insured. If not you will have a very strong special reasons argument to avoid the points and it may be possible to persuade the CPS not to continue with the prosecution on the basis that there was no criminality on your part.

All in all I think you have a very good chance of avoiding revocation of your licence but you would need to act fast in order to get to the CPS behind the scenes before the hearing date.

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