Insurance Had Lapsed


Another driver hit my car and also damaged theirs. We swapped contacts. I called my insurer to report but not to make a claim & discovered they had cancelled my policy; the letter they sent I had not received.

I renewed with another company the next day. Since then I have bought a new car.

No involvement with the police thus far. The other driver’s insurer has written requesting my insurance details under the Section 154 or RTA 1988. They say if I am not making a claim with my insurer they will want me to settle their costs. How should I respond?

Paula Says:

I only advise in relation to road traffic offences. So if the police get involved I may be able to help you further.

You need to provide your full details to the other insurance company and tell them that you want to resolve any issues yourself rather than through the insurance companies.

You must not mislead them. They are likely to get anxious if you don’t engage in order to resolving the civil liability and will probably report the matter to the police.

Have you got any points on your licence already? You could be at risk of 6-8 for this.

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