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Hi, I was stopped by the police on the 5th of may because of no insurance on my car, whenever I intend to go out I always use the temp insurance, but on that day I was going to the garage that is 2 mins away from my house with my kids to check my brakes because the lights keep on appearing on the dash board, was stopped by the police.

I was given 6 points which means I have to retake my theory and practical because my license is not up to 2 years, I have never committed an offence in my life, just that I made a silly mistake. Please do you think I have a chance of getting reduced point or anything that will save my licence? Thanks

 Louise Says:

I’m afraid that if you have taken the ticket and the points already then there is nothing you can do.

If you haven’t then you can reject the ticket and ask for a court hearing. Your only option at court would be to persuade the court to give you a short ban instead of the points. If they agree then you would not have your licence revoked you just would not be able to drive for the term of the ban.

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