International Driving Licence


I was stopped by the traffic police and they requested for my driving licence which I was unable to present to them at that particular time, but I did have 5 yrs international driving licence that will expire September this year. I was asked to appear in court for driving without licence.

But as at the time I was stopped by the police I did have the international driving licence but not in the car, then they ask me to take the one I have to the nearest police station and show it to them but on getting to the station the next day, the pc on duty seems she wasn’t in a good mood, all she did was, she just collected that paper giving to me the traffic police that stopped me and the next thing she said was that so you don’t have driving licence, you are going to court she didn’t even listen to me.

Please what do I do when I get to court? The car belongs to my partner and my name was in the car insurance. The car as insurance, road tax, and M.O.T. your advice would be very important to me.

Paula Says:

Your international licence will only be valid for 12 months if you are resident in the UK.

You have to get a full UK licence if you want to drive longer – therefore you will be guilty of the offence and you should plead guilty to get maximum credit from the court and a discount off your sentence.

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