Lawyers Claiming To Be “Motoring Specialists” Agree To Full Refund!


We recently represented a client who had initially instructed well-known solicitors who claim to be motoring specialists.

Initially they given our client the same advice that we gave, namely that he had a defence to driving without insurance because insurance cannot be invalidated/voided with retrospective effect.

The police have claimed that our client was not insured because he didn’t have a valid licence. The police claimed that this automatically invalidated his insurance. There is extremely strong case law that states that insurance cannot be invalidated with retrospective effect and that the insurance company can only void insurance into the future.

The law firm in question changed their advice at the last minute after taking our clients fees. He came to us in a panic only a few days before the sentencing date and we took over the case.

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We took the case on at the last minute, got our clients plea reopened and persuaded the Crown Prosecution Service to drop the allegation in the court room.

We then assisted our client to approach his former solicitors and ask for a full refund of the fees paid.

He complained to us that he had had very little contact with them. That each time he called in he spoke to a different person who had no direct knowledge of his case. That he didn’t have a specific case progression officer acting on his behalf and that they completely changed their advice without anything changing in relation to the circumstances of the case.

We have just had this email from him;

“Thanks Emma, I sent a complaint letter outlining the issues I had, to them and finally they’ve agreed for full refund.”

You can see his general feedback in the recent feedback section of our site.

We believe that we go the extra mile for our clients. Not only did we get our client the right result but we helped him get considerable amount of money back for a non-existent service.

We are proud of being able to call ourselves solicitors and we take our responsibilities seriously.

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