At Least 18 Penalty Points


Speeding on average speed cameras 62 in 50mph zone on Mx.

My car is in my partners name. I have received 2 speeding offences via the post both in my partners name. I have driven this way to work for the past 2 weeks, so there maybe more!!

I already have 12 points on my licence. So I’m on for a ban if I admit liability, with 18 penalty points!

I have parents who live abroad, could I say they was driving and send the offence back claiming my father was driving…. with there x address?

The offence was on the Mx at x am on average speed cameras.

Or could I plea I was keeping up with the flow of traffic?


Graham Says:

It sounds like you are in real difficulties – but I have saved people with more points than you from a ban before!

Do not name your parents ! The police will ask them to confirm that they were driving and their instinct will be not to believe you. If they spot you have 12 points they will be ultra suspicious and you could end up with a charge of attempting to pervert the course of justice.

This would lead to you getting sent to prison. A vicar who lied and named his wife in similar circumstances got 2 months. They are always suspicious when you name someone from abroad and they will be even more so if you have 12 points already. You would get your parents into trouble as well if you get them to go along with it.

You must have argued exceptional hardship already to have avoided a ban on hitting 12 points?

Are there any different grounds that we can put forward this time. The only rule is that you cannot use the same grounds within 3 years.

Tell me more and I will assist further.

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