I Am Not Prepared To Become Yet Another Statistic!


Conditional offer fixed penalty

I recently received an excess speed at x mph in a 70 mph from Sussex Police. I contested this alleged offence by letter requesting evidence i.e. photographs and calibration certificate. They came back with photographic evidence but no calibration certificate.

They have stated that no further disclosure will furnished unless prosecution is taken. Sussex police have indicated that the speed devices are calibrated annually by the equipment manufacturer or their approved agent. They have said that the agents are all fully trained (I don’t dispute this) and calibration certificates will be available at court should you wish to view them.

I don’t understand why they cannot provide an additional photocopy of an in date calibration certificate. I don’t have any confidence in government agencies and sub-agents and therefore I won’t accept my alleged offence and wish to challenge this rather than becoming another statistic! what do you think I should do?

Louise Says:

It all depends on whether or not you accept that you were speeding. If you do take the ticket.

the police are under no legal duty to disclose all their evidence to you at this stage in proceedings. You have to commit to a court hearing if you want to challenge the allegation and then face the risk of higher fines and court costs if you lose.

You should not take a case to court if you accept that you were speeding at the time. the fixed penalty system is designed to be fast and cheap. You don’t have to take their offer – but if you reject it and lose be prepared for higher costs etc.

Do you accept that you were speeding?

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