The Police Want Daughters Email Address



The Police want my daughters E mail address,it is held on my Business computer.

– She lives in x (abroad) and was driving the car on a recent visit, am I breaking any laws in giving data protection ??

Dominic Says:

If you are the registered keeper of the car and you are being asked to name who was driving at the time of the alleged offence – then you need to provide that information.

The law states that you have to provide information as requested in relation to the identity of the driver – so I suppose an email address to enable them to contact her easily is a reasonable request – but debatable. Otherwise you will get accused of failing to provide information and you will be at risk of 6 points.

They will turn on your very quickly if you don’t cooperate. If you are happy to give the information I cannot see how you are breaking any laws by I am a road traffic lawyer not a data protection expert I’m afraid.

If you daughter was driving your car then make sure that she was insured – otherwise you will get asked to prove that she was insured and you could get 6 points for permitting her to drive without insurance – which carries 6 penalty points. Have you got any points already? If so, how many?

You could be asked to prove that she was in the country at the time. They are often very suspicious.

The police rarely believe the registered keeper when they name someone from abroad so make sure that your daughter is going to confirm that she was driving at the time of the alleged offence.

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