Licence Downgraded To A Provisional


I had an accident in December and at the time I had sent my licence off to be updated with marital status / change of address.

The licence came back provisional!!! I have held a full UK licence since april 1990. But now have a court summons – what can I do when DVLA have apparently downgraded me to provisional?

Urgent help required

Kind regards

Paula Says:

That’s really odd and I can only assume that the DVLA have made a mistake. Its going to need some investigation work with the DVLA to try and sort this matter out and get your full licence reinstated. can you remember where you passed your test so that we can get the records.

If we can clear this matter up with the DVLA we will be able to get the court proceedings withdrawn. How did this matter come to light? Was it a random stop by the police or were they suggesting another offence was being committed? Have you been accused of driving without insurance as well.

Tell me more.

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