No Licence, MOT Or Insurance


I just bought a car a few weeks ago and I got it cheap because the MOT was due to run out soon. I let it lapse and it had already run out a week before I had time off work to take it to a mechanic to get it sorted. I was driving to the mechanic when I passed a police car and looking in my rear view mirror I thought I was safe.

Ironically I was just pulling up to the mechanics to get my car MOT’d when the cop pulled up and asked me if I had the proper papers.

I had an appointment with the MOT place and I told him that I had my car registration papers because I just brought it in for that and when he asked me if I had insurance I admitted that I did not… I got taken into his car and he asked if I had a UK licence and I told him that I had an EU one although my licence is actually from outside the UK but still acceptable as a valid international licence…

The only problem is that as I’ve been in the UK for longer than a year I can’t use that as an international licence anymore which is why I was in the process of getting it sent out and getting a UK one right after my car would pass the MOT (I didn’t want to find my car would fail the MOT and have to scrap it not to pay a hefty fee to fix it and be car less and pay out money for new licence without using it).

The cop gave me a producer and a fine for 200 pounds for no insurance… he also took my car away for no MOT and no insurance… Now I have a week to go to the cops with my licence which I can’t even find at the moment so don’t know what I’m going to do, to order a replacement I need to contact the country of issue and that could take more than a week.

What do I do, I know I’ve got a hefty fine for no insurance and 6 points if and when I get my UK licence but what if I can’t produce my international licence. What are my options, please help?

Paula Says:

You need to explain why you cannot produce your licence. The problem is the burden is on you to prove that you have one rather than the police having to prove that you don’t.

In any event your licence won’t be valid so you are looking at a fine for that matter too. I anticipate you will get a summons for no insurance, no MOT and no licence. You will be facing 6-8 points in total and a hefty fine of around £400 – 700 depending on your means.

You need to pass a full UK test and then you will be able to drive. Until then you have to apply for a provisional and have L plates and supervision I’m afraid.

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