Driving Girlfriends Car On My Insurance


I was driving my girlfriends car, someone reversed into me in a petrol garage, we swapped details, she reported me to the police for not stopping at an accident, the police have asked for my girlfriends insurance details at the time, it turns out that her insurer at the time had cancelled her policy but had sent it to the wrong address.

They have confirmed that they did this. So at the time she had no insurance, I however am fully comp. Once she realised that she had no cover she immediately got cover that night. Who will get penalised? Her or me as I was driving? And what will the penalties likely to be like? It was an honest mistake. Are we able to blame the insurers?

Paula Says:

If you were driving and you had insurance that covered you to drive her car then there should be no penalty. As long as you were driving the car it was insured.

Come back to me if the police try to suggest differently.

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