Driving Without Insurance


Hi my name is x, 34 years old,I have a full uk licence for 8months,and was pulled over for driving without insurance. My car was taken to the inpound. The PC who pulled me over said I will have to go to court, and that my licence will me revoked. What can I do?

I need my licence for work. I had 3 quotes for insurance but could only afford to pay it the end of the month. I need help?

Louise Says:

I’m afraid that you are not going to be able to defend this matter. You will not be able to argue special reasons to avoid the points either. The fact that you were not able to pay for the insurance but continued to drive will not attract the sympathy of the court.

The only chance you have of avoiding the 6-8 points (and therefore avoid revocation) is if you can persuade the court to give you a short ban rather than the points.

It’s not easy doing that and you have to be careful not to make the court feel manipulated.

I help almost 90% of my new driver clients avoid revocation and I would be happy to assist you further when the matter gets to court. Come back to me if you would like my help at that stage.

I would charge a fixed fee to send an advocate to court with you to help with your mitigation and try and avoid the points. ( see our fees here )

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