Uninsured Losses


I discovered that my insurance had lapsed and was involved in an accident.

I was charged and the court dealt with the offence which I admitted to because I reported that my insurance had lapsed.

The other parties insurers are now pursuing me under section 152 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 for £2500.

They have informed me that if I do not pay they will prosecute under the above act.

The other party had the opportunity to appear in court for the hearing of the original offence for which I received a fine and 6 penalty points.

What I would like to know is what is section 152 of the RTAct and can they pursue me for the losses.

The accident was not my fault as the other party was on my side of the road at the time.

Paula Says:

This isn’t really my area. I specialise in people who have been accused of a road traffic offence. This section (s.152) deals with the responsibility of the insurance company to pay up if you have an accident and says that they don’t have to if your insurance has been cancelled/lapsed before the accident.

Your best option is to contact the motor insurance bureau. The MIB were set up to deal with cases with uninsured drivers and uninsured losses and sometimes they will pay out on your behalf and then agree with you a means of repayment.

Sorry that’s the best I can do.

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