Licence Revoked For Stopping On A Zig Zag


I have been driving since January 28th x, a month later I received 3 points for speeding. On August 30th x at 1.00 am, I pulled up on a zig zag crossing to pick up some mates.

I was duly ticketed for this. I have just been convicted for this on March 3rd. This is over the 2 year period since I started driving and am confused as to whether these points should be accumulated with my previous offence?

If the points go from the date of the offence, then does my 6 month driving ban begin from then as well?

Louise Says:

The 3 points for the speeding matter are still alive and kicking on your licence. They last for three years.

You will have received another 3 for the stopping on a zig zag therefore you will have 6 points on your licence now.

This means that you have accumulated 6 points in the first two years of driving (both offence dates were within the first 2 years) and the court will notify the DVLA. The DVLA will revoked your licence in accordance with the new drivers act and you will have to do a full retest before you can drive again.

You get a 6 month ban if you get 12 points and all the offences are within 3 years of each other. That isn’t relevant here. you are not going to be banned you will have your entitlement to drive revoked in this case.


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