Stopping On A Zig Zag


My husband has recently been issued a court summons, can you advise if he is in the wrong.

Whilst driving in zig-zags (delivering for TNT) he wound his window down to ask two policeman for directions. He didn’t switch off the engine, he didn’t get out of the cab, but they have charged him with ‘parking’ in zig-zags? I debate whether he has actually ‘parked’? Please advise if this is worth pursuing in court?

Graham Says:

The statute says that you must not stop on a zig zag unless you are prohibited from from proceeding (e.g. in a queue) or if you have to stop to prevent injury or damage to persons or property.

So technically speaking he doesn’t not have a defence. You should try and persuade the CPS that’s it not in the public interest to pursue this matter further, or you might be able to persuade the court that there are special reasons for not imposing the points.

Alternatively he can take the ticket and get the matter over and done with!

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