The Lights Were Changing


Driving through a red light

I was charged with driving through a red light on x at 5.45am as I passed through a green light it changed to red I knew the police were behind me and carried on about 150 yards and then they pulled me over the officer came up to my window and asked me why he pulled me in.

I replied because of the lights I thought he was going to tell me off but he told me to get into his car and then charged me he had to look up offence for the amount to fine me and put on my ticket £30 and 3 points.

I didn’t question it because it was red after about the cab of the van I was driving was through and its the police word against mine.

So I went to pay said fine and was told by the officials office they could not accept it because the officer had entered wrong amount for the fine which should have been £60 he put £30.

I was told by the same office that you probably will not here anything but they might charge me at a later date which they have I got a letter today from the procurator fiscal’s office with a conditional offer of a fixed penalty or they will take criminal proceedings against me.

I have been driving for 27 years with no driving offences bar one speeding fine 80 in a 70 that was 6 years ago not even a parking ticket. A friend who drives an HGV told me if your cab has passed through on green its OK to keep going that’s why I am thinking about contesting this offence.

Graham Says:

I’m afraid the correct fixed penalty offer is £60. You don’t have to accept it and you can take the matter to court – but you will get higher fines and court costs if you do. If you admit the offence then take the fixed penalty offer.

It’s an offence to go through on amber or red and if any part of your car proceeds beyond the line during those phases you commit an offence.

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