Traffic Light Was Green Not Red


Red light

I’m sorry about any spelling.

8 months ago I protested my innocence by writing to the traffic police; THEY SENT ME A REPLY TO SIGN TO GO COURT WHICH I DID

I was at a junction, I was being tailgated and pushed through an amber light.

The officers were on the right side of the junction, they said their light was showing green therefore mine should be showing red

I pleaded guilty by post but after getting advise from numerous people who have been in a similar situation

I went to court in which case they had no officers present as I pleaded guilty by post

I’m really scared and worry

I’m a sports coach

Also on the document they have my number plate wrong 1 letter

As I phoned up court on a previous occasion they may have got the date wrong of the alleged crime

Please guys I’m really stressed. Will I get hit with a big fine?

Its obvious they will choose officers over me

Will officers have to turn up

Officers Statement:

When we were stationary at a set of red ats junction with …….. as our lights went from amber to green we started to move forwards. Our lights then changed to green and I saw a red…… number plate……….. go through the lights controlling traffic from ley street onto the … turning right

At this time danger to road users was not caused

We then returned to the same junction where we viewed the same ats signals carry through at least 3 cycles and on each occasion the signal phasing appeared correct accurate there are not exhibits relating to this matter.

Graham Says:

If you went through traffic light on amber because it was not safe to stop then you had a defence.

The mistake on the number plate may show that their evidence is unreliable.

I don’t understand where you are at. Have the court listed the case for a trial because you denied the offence when you turned up at court. If you lose the trial you will be at risk of higher fines and court costs.

If you win you will get no fines or costs and you will get back your reasonable legal expenses.

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