How Long Do I Get To Appeal Against Conviction?


I have been wrongly convicted of an offence.

I took my case to court so I could have a fair trial & prevent myself from admitting to alleged “knocking a man off of his bike from behind” this was his allegation & wasn’t true.

Am I able to appeal against conviction within a certain amount of time? I am so upset as this case was so unfair. I am still paying for this conviction. The date of the accident was x

 Emma Says:

You have to appeal within 21 days of conviction. You tell me the date of the original allegation but not the date when you were convicted. Due to the date of the offence I expect that you are long out of time to appeal against conviction.

It’s unlikely that you will get leave to appeal out of time.

Has something else happened that makes it important for you to try and appeal against conviction? Are you at risk of a ban or is it just about your insurance premiums being higher?

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