Minimum Distance For Speeding Offence?


The camera was in a mobile speed safety van.

I accelerated away from a roundabout on to dual carriageway and was detected as driving at 40mph.

I may have been doing over 30 but I don’t believe it was 40mph. I had only just come away from the roundabout and the camera was around a right hand bend obscured by a line of trees.

A central reservation was on my immediate right and the trees would have prevented the camera from getting a good picture. Is there a minimum distance which the driver must travel at speed say xxx yards in order for the speeding offence conviction to stick? Can I request a copy of the evidence?

Louise Says:

You can ask to see the photos if you are in any doubt as to whether the police officer could see you.

If you accept that you were doing over 30 you should take the ticket otherwise you will get convicted at court and ordered to pay higher fines and court costs. The CPS will ask you if you admit the speeding offence and if you accept doing more than thirty the court will convict you.

There is no minimum distance over which the car must exceed the speed limit – unless the police are conducting a follow check using their own calibrated speedo. In which case they must follow for at least 2/10th of a mile.

The only evidence you will get to see at this stage is the photos.

Have you got any points already? If so, how many?

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