Minimum Speed For Which You Can Be Prosecuted


80 MPH in a 70 zone

As I understand a speed of 80 mph is 1 mph over the speed at which prosecution can take place. I have received a NIP chances are I will get a fixed penalty. Should I challenge the camera accuracy for 1 mph?

Louise says:

There is no statutory restriction on the minimum speed for which you can be prosecuted. If the prosecution feel that they have reliable evidence and a reasonable prospect of convicting you then they can prosecute for 71mph if they so choose.

If you challenge the camera accuracy then you will risk higher fines and court costs if you lose.

If you accept that you were speeding then you should take it on the chin and take the fixed penalty. You will get a fixed penalty offer for that speed.

If you are really up for a fight and deny the speed alleged then come back to me and I will be more than happy to assist.

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