Mistakes On The Fixed Penalty Ticket


My speeding fixed penalty ticket given to me at the time of speeding has several mistakes on it what do I do about this?

Mistake 1. wrong birth date written in
Mistake 2. wrong post code
Mistake 3. says he saw my licence and he did not as I did not have it with me.

Spoke to officer later that evening and he is writing an amendment on the back of his copy is this the correct way?

Louise Says:

Defects on the ticket are not a defence.

They may help to show that the officer’s evidence is unreliable but you would need to cast a doubt on the speed alleged to win.

The fixed penalty ticket is not the officer’s evidence. He/she will attend and give that in person if you reject the ticket and ask for a court hearing. If you lose at court you will get higher fines and court costs.

What’s the speed alleged? Have you got any points already? If so, how many?

You should only take it to court if you are sure you were not speeding or if you have nothing to lose.

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