Mobile Hairdresser – 2 Totting offences


I was recently caught using my phone whilst driving and since I had 9 points on my licence the police said they would send me a court summons. However this was in January and I have still not received any court summons. Does this mean they have let me off?

Also very recently I was caught doing 38 in a 30 zone. This penalty would mean I would have 12 points and lose my licence. This would be devastating since I am a mobile hairdresser and need my car to bring in money. Is there any way I could avoid getting these points?

If you could please help me by answering my questions.

Graham Says:

The police have to 6 months to issue the summons and it will come, so please do not breathe sign of relief yet.

You are going to have to bring both these totting cases to court at the same time in order to try and avoid a totting ban from either.

I can help you with this matter. Come back to me when you get the summons and I will be happy to assist further.

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