Banned Until Test Passed


Hi over a year ago I lost my licence and was banned until I passed my test again (They gave me 10 points).

Anyway the other week I was done for speeding, I sent off my licence etc. for them to put the 3 points on my licence, today I had it back with a letter saying because I got 10 points already on my paper back from when I lost my licence before, I now have to go to court what would they do?

I haven’t long had my licence back and got into debt while trying to do so!

Graham Says:

You are going to need to try and argue exceptional hardship to try and save yourself from a 6 month totting up/penalty point ban.

I can help you with this but we would need to go through how you got the 10 points. That’s an unusual amount. What were the 10 points for?

If you want my help come back to me but bear in mind that I would charge you for my services if you want me to act on your behalf.


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